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Build a Legacy and live in Wealth That Matters Today.

Deep down, all of us want basically the same things: We want to have thriving harmonious relationships. We want to feel healthy, fulfilled, and energetic. We want to have the money and the time to support our ideal life. We want to feel like we’re contributing and life has meaning and purpose. We want to live in wealth in all areas of our lives and leave a legacy. Yet, despite our desires and best efforts, many feel limited, stuck and struggling in many areas of their life. Many are frustrated wondering what is lacking that makes success so elusive. Some have found success in one area of life, but the lack of balance or failure in other areas continues to keep them from enjoying their fullest life. Still others are living lives of quiet desperation, caught between their innermost desires and the lack of knowledge or abilities to make it real.

Based on statistics, most people are unhappy in their relationships, frustrated, unsatisfied in their jobs, and struggling–financially burdened by debt and unable to live today and totally unprepared for their future. They are disillusioned, dissatisfied and demanding new ideas, methods and alternatives.

This event has been strategically designed to teach you the MINDSET, give you the SKILLSET as well as the SUPPORT TEAM and TOOLS required to step into wealth in all areas of your life today.

You were born to create your ideal life. This is your divine Birthright!

In order to create that life however, you must learn how to bring balance and harmony where it matters most. Getting in tune and aligned with correct principles and truths is vital. To many people have built their lives around myths, pain and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. Some of the popular lies like:

These false beliefs contribute to your paradigm. They limit all of life’s outcomes. Unchallenged, your limited belief system will produce shame, guilt, depression, fear, anger, frustration, chronic health issues, and lack in everything you desire. The only hope to achieve your dreams is to reframe your brain and align and use correct principles and harness the divine power that is within you.

During these 3 LIFE TRANSFORMING Days you will experience proactive partnering in building the Foundations required to Unleash…

Mental Wealth: 
Expanding in wisdom for life mastery
Spiritual Wealth:
Accessing dynamic power with purpose
Emotional Wealth: 
Experiencing authentic connections in harmony

Physical Wealth: 
Embodying health for life’s fullest expression.
Financial Wealth:
Having the time and resources to pursue life’s highest calling.

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About Laura

Laura has decades of experience as an entrepreneur. She started her first direct sales business at the age of 16 and has since created and run multiple businesses. She is currently the owner of Legacy, Smart Money Expert LLC, and Radioactive Solutions Group, an engineering services firm she owns and runs with her husband.

Laura is a licensed financial professional with extensive training and education. She has trained thousands of people on her financial blue print, The Five Elements of Building Wealth That Matters, to help them create peace and balance in all areas of their lives. She is a trained and certified group facilitator with 28 years of experience mentoring families, individual and couples in crisis in recovery centers and addiction programs.

Her most relevant experience and training came from her personal experiences in her marriage and life and working with others. She has thirty-three years of experience in conflict resolution and crisis management in her marriage and raising 8 children Laura is living proof of her personal philosophy and peace building methodologies.

Laura ultimate vision is to provide millions of people with the information and tools to bring peace and certainty while building a life of freedom and ultimately leaving behind a legacy for future generations.


Laura’s mentoring completely changed my life. My family relationships have drastically changed. With the new financial ideas and strategies, we have organized our own business and have a bigger financial future. Today I know who I am and I live in power. I am more confident, peaceful and happy and I am now able to assist others. Lorri Overson

Laura’s mentoring far exceeded my expectations in information, direction and growth. I gained a great understanding and knowledge of myself, my strengths and how to monetize them and help others. She challenged me to stretch and take action in ways that has greatly contributed to my success in reaching a whole new level of success. Tony Henderson

Laura challenges you in a way that creates safety, love and understanding. This event completely opened my eyes to an entirely new paradigm! Everyone needs this!!
Kerrie Percey

Laura taught me to view money in a different way. Legacy not only saved us money and helped us eliminate our debt, it has made a big difference in our family.”
Tammy Plett

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Powerful Money, Peaceful Living, Manifesting Wealth in Life and Relationships. As you listen to this program you will learn...

How to reprogram your money blueprint that is sabotaging your best efforts, so you can get the results you want.

How to have productive and powerful conversation about money, so you can live in peace and certainty in your relationships.

How to create a personal Dream Map that will take you from where you are to where you want to be, so you know your next step.

How to execute and expand possibilities in an ever changing market and economy, so you can be confident in your ability to live in abundance today and provide for your long term needs.

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